Our Website Designs / Landing Pages

Websites, without it your business doesn’t exist.

Our designs and programming are designed to fit the client’s needs. Some of you need large complex sites, whereas others only need a few professional pages. Large or small, complex or simple, we simply design “to fit.” Lets not forget Landing pages and their Email, and essential combination for one marketing.

Websites We’ve Designed

Landing Pages

These are the pages that one sends a client to for a specific reason. Sometimes its the preparation for an exhibition that you want them to go to. It could be a product launch or it simply could be “whats new” kind of thing. Below I have two of our latest, one is for an exhibition (WPW) and the other is the start of a new company and their initial landing page / website

Ever hear of Augmented Reality? I would expect that most people have no idea what that means. We created a landing page through an image that explains it: Realistic looking objects placed in a real world environment where the user can’t really tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t, at least thats where the technology is going.

website presentations ppt landing pages

WPW, this is more of the classic email / landing page combination. An email goes out to a few hundred or perhaps thousand of clients/consultants and others that are in the businesses database. There is s link to the special page designed for the event / product launch  that invites the use to learn more about.

The Email

The Landing Page