Having done many years of reserve duty (as those who have read my blog can testify to), I have a soft spot for reservists who have to get work finished but find themselves in the most non opportune time on

Anybody who has been in business and especially freelancers soon or later runs into someone who will not pay for services rendered. Usually us freelancers are on the “bottom” of the list when the money gets tight and the company

This is just a short story of how we see our own policeman here in Israel. All over the world the Police are the most obvious symbol of govt authority and if not respected at least feared. Its a little

Search Engine Optimization / PageRank / or just getting on Googles first 3 pages. First a few notes just to get us started  Serious Internet Marketing its usually a monthly retainer fee and results may take 6 months before ones

It was 2007 and finally laptops were fast, compact and useful. Wireless, though not everywhere could be combined with a cellphone to be the “hotspot”. All of this meant that during the reserves I could actually get some work done

I’ve been told by my American friends and family that one keeps ones personal life outside from ones business, meaning one simply doesn’t mention whats happening in ones personal life while “conducting business.”. It always seemed a bit cold to

It was 2009, my daughter, had started her army service and I knew the beginning was going to be difficult. She was raised as a princess (I plead guilty) and was to get the shock of her life. Though we

It was 2012 and I received an emergency call up. It seems the government had had enough of the rockets coming out of gaza and decided to do something about it. So I went to my closet, filled up the

When laptops finally came out, a lot of pressure was taken off of me. I could now just stay in touch with my clients while in the reserves, and in fact continue to do the work. The pace would be

This post is for those who actually use their websites for commercial reasons, what I do. And since I design those very websites I thought that perhaps its time for a short interesting lesson  on the differences between the mobile

I had a client in New York for a quite a few years (until they were bought out). The company was Jewish owned and many of the employees were also Jewish. They actually looked to work with an Israeli graphic

So what do you do when one of your relatives or friends comes along and asks you to do some work for them? How do you charge? From my point of view the idea is to somehow come out of

marketing logo design Israel

Time to tell a secret, how logos are designed. There are those that spend $100,000 on a logo as did Steve Jobs for his NEXT logo and others that just pay $35 (Nike). The logo for all of the emphases

This is under the heading of “life in Israel” and has nothing to do with me being a freelancer, but its a story that must be told. This is an event that will never be confirmed or denied by anyone in

Ever get a note that a registered letter is waiting for you? Up to now I would receive notices of registered letters either from the Army or from Tel Aviv (for a parking ticket). On the notice its always written

Many years ago I was stationed in one of the Palestinian refugee camps. At work I had a single project that was either not closed off or put on hold until I returned. It was a poster that was scheduled

Landing pages, these are pages where clients or potential clients are sent to learn more about us. B2B use this as a main tool for their marketing.   Sometimes its the preparation for an exhibition that you want them to go

I’ve now been designing for over 25 years here in Israel, and I must admit to a certain pride in that I’ve succeeded  to survive as a small business. I’ve gone from freelancer to having an office of 5 and

That was “easy.” I just finished and sent to the printer an 86 page catalogue. Whats changed is digital printing. Years ago we would prepare the catalogue, send it to the printer, return with a “hetek shemesh” find mistakes, resend

I’ve found a niche market that I really didn’t pay attention to. Smaller websites for Freelancers, new businesses, etc. Unlike the larger corporate sites or even the smaller ones, the micro sites are usually for a freelancer. Its the type