SEO / PageRank for the freelancer, small business

Search Engine Optimization / PageRank / or just getting on Googles first 3 pages.

First a few notes just to get us started

 Serious Internet Marketing its usually a monthly retainer fee and results may take 6 months before ones site actually starts to move up in Google. Even then, you might not get your return on the investment.


Since you can’t afford the internet marketing company, you’ll have to find the time to do it yourself or at best supervise an employee, but before that you’ll need the basic knowledge of what to do.


My lecture is a DIY guide, which means I’ll show you how to Do It Yourself, how to adjust your website’s content, the title pages, keywords for Google, count people entering it (google analytics),  check where they are going, etc.


I’ll show you how to make the initial assumptions about the way people search for your profession. and how to adjust as time goes on.


And most important, don’t piss off Google, like many Deities, he / she can be very unforgiving



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A Graduate of the University of Michigan, I've been designing since 1986, with my website being my best portfolio

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