Marketing via the IDF Reserves

I had a client in New York for a quite a few years (until they were bought out). The company was Jewish owned and many of the employees were also Jewish. They actually looked to work with an Israeli graphic design company and found me on Google. We spoke on the phone several times, and I did some small work them (data sheets). So far so good, they had some larger projects in the pipeline and for this they wanted to meet me. There was a professional conference coming up where the owners would be attending here in Israel, so this would work out easy enough.


Of course I also had milluyim during their conference. It really wasn’t much of a concern as I knew I could easily take the hours anyd meet my clients in Tel Aviv where their conference was. I might be a bit dirty and not dressed properly, but given that they were Jewish Americans who were also Zionists, I figure this would make the meeting that much easier.


A few days before they arrived we spoke on the phone, and as we arranged the time, I explained that I will becoming from the reserves and might be a bit dirty. The owner asked me a few more questions about my service, I assumed that it was just simple curiosity and being polite I was surprised when he told  me he would rather meet me outside of my base,  but I agreed.


The time of the meeting came and I met them at a restaurant at the gas station a few kilometers outside of that big base in the Negev. I started to explain more about my work as a designer, my experiences, my knowledge, my clients, but the owner was more interested in my service both in the regular army and in the reserves. First I put it down to the simple fascination of an American Jew who had had no connection to the army at all (he was close to my age, so I understood that very well). His questions were getting however a bit more specific, like hours we sleep, the food, etc. I asked him what’s going on. He told me that his son will soon be coming to Israel as a “lone soldier” and he was worried. I couldn’t help but smile it reminded me of that ridiculous decision of mine to do the same so many years ago, except I didn’t tell my parents of my plan.


So we spoke, I told him of my own service (ok I left out a few things, like my lack of Hebrew and how much trouble I got into because of it.). I told him of the people in the army, the Druze, the Bedouin, the Christians,, how it feels to take an active part in the defense of Israel. I mentioned that every time I do the reserves I take a financial “hit” but its more than worth it. I told him of the resourcefulness of the the soldiers and their motivation (and skipped over some of the realities like having ones batteries go dead on some equipment on a mission with the backups being almost dead.) I just told him what it meant to me…


In fact we barely spoke about my design work but I knew the job was mine.


and I also promised to look after his son, which I did.


Working with Relative and Friends….

So what do you do when one of your relatives or friends comes along and asks you to do some work for them? How do you charge? From my point of view the idea is to somehow come out of the work with both parties feeling good.


A good example of this, is how I helped this young lady get in to Veterinarian School. She asked for my help several times with her research presentations and since she is my daughter I had to find a way that would work for both of us.


I chose the method of  “drop everything, put my clients on hold” and whatever she needed I would do”, which seemed to work for her.


but I will continue later as to working with the other relatives and friends..

marketing logo design Israel

Logo Design

Time to tell a secret, how logos are designed. There are those that spend $100,000 on a logo as did Steve Jobs for his NEXT logo and others that just pay $35 (Nike). The logo for all of the emphases that is put on it while the designer is getting the “brief”, doesn’t really mean that much. Its the marketing that comes with it that really makes the logo worth something. The two obvious examples are both Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft is simply the name using italic letters with a few nuances, and Apple, well anybody know what the connection of an apple is to computers and why it has bite taken out of it?


There is one thing that is needed however, inspiration, something to get the design juices flowing. Afterall its is design and no matter what you come up with you still have to sell it to the client.


One example a few years ago…..I had a logo to design, the client’s company was multilayered and that was the brief. So I sat down in my office and sketched a few things, checked out google for some ideas and really didn’t come up with anything that I really liked. And really that’s what designing a logo is all about, something that we like. Forget “the list”, this is when the client comes along and says their logo must show”



  1. strength
  2. forward thinking
  3. sensitivity
  4. attention to detail
  5. technology friendly
  6. eco friendly


The longer the list is, the less it will be understood, after all the logo is for many many different people and we all interpret things differently especially complicated symbols. It really comes down to, at best either a single idea the represents the company or just a cool graphic that everyone likes or at least what the boss likes.



That said I was a bit stuck on this design and anyway I had to go to back to the reserves.  I took my sketch pad hoping that something good will come out of this little diversion. Well on one of the patrols there were 3 of us in the jeep, the Bedouin tracker (in the pict he is the one that is sleeping with his feet up, naturally) and another american who was having a hard time fitting in… I was inspired. We were three “layers” that are the interlocking “wheels” that became the basis for the logo (don’t try to figure out how I got there, my brain doesn’t work in a linear fashion).

So that gave me the structure, but I still needed color. It happens that we also had a patrol not on the border but in the Negev and there the colors of the red rock are “awe inspiring”


The client loved the idea and so it became his logo. Granted you may have a hard time going from the top two picts to the logo on the bottom, but the process of inspiration is not simple.


And I have a new page on my site, and there you can find a few logos that I designedclick here


Saving the IDF’s Code Map – with a Playboy Magazine

This is under the heading of “life in Israel” and has nothing to do with me being a freelancer, but its a story that must be told. This is an event that will never be confirmed or denied by anyone in my army unit, (while sober).


Many many years ago my friend Jon in the States would send me a Playboy Magazine before my reserve service. He usually outlined the particular articles that were of particular interest to me. And this tradition went on for many years, those in my unit always enjoyed when I read the articles to them. 🙂

This time it was to be different, I would not get a chance to read those articles, fate had something else in store for us


As we finished up our short training period we went to our various positions on the border, soon a call came out over the radio to bring “Steve’s Material” to a certain outpost. No details in the message, but it was clear something “serious” had occurred and we all knew what he meant by “Steve’s Material”. What it was we couldn’t possibly imagine.


After some brief searching, (it seems that some guys were anxious to read the articles and took the magazine even before I had a change to read anything), the magazine was found. Apparently as the soldiers at this outpost were doing their duty and learning the area using their map, a gust of wind blew it over the border to the Egyptian outpost a few meters away. A coded map is pretty serious stuff and the office in charge, calm as he was, wanted his map back. He tried his best to get it back but nothing seemed to work. Finally he had an idea, the Playboy. The call went out over the radio.


The Playboy was soon delivered by our second in command to the outpost. The centerfold was opened up as proof of the material, a deal was made and an international incident was prevented. I was saddened by the fact that I would not have  a chance to read such wonderfully written articles, but I understood that sometimes we have to make sacrifices for our country and if Ms June could prevent an international incident, then I can only be glad that I could be a part of that.


This was not written up in any “incident” report, but there are those who will swear by it and some of the officers involved remain active today.


The Registered Letter….

Ever get a note that a registered letter is waiting for you? Up to now I would receive notices of registered letters either from the Army or from Tel Aviv (for a parking ticket). On the notice its always written where it was from, so I usually knew what was waiting for me.

but not this time….it was from Jerusalem. I took the notice from my Post Office Box on Saturday, that gave me a full 24 hours to wonder who and why. As far as I was concerned there weren’t that many options. I hadn’t been in Jerusalem for over a year, so that ruled out parking tickets. Perhaps some bureaucracy is sending me some form to fill out? That seem like a long shot. Jerusalem is the capital of the country where the govt sits, so that means the govt is looking for me and the only reason to send me something like that is the Israeli Internal Revenue Service.


Now as all firms I have an accountant for taxes, but like the insurance you never really know if they are any good until you need them. I assume my accountant is up to date on the tax laws, fills out the various forms properly and in time…and then I sign on  the bottom knowing full well that I have no idea if what he has been doing for the full year has been correct or not. I assume so, but still one never really knows.


My Saturday was hardly a day of rest.. Sunday morning comes and I’m first in line at the post office. I give Shimon (the clerk) my notice, he looks through the registered  letters, finds mine and says ” Spinner, your in trouble (ok, my heart just stopped), and then he finishes the sentence, its from the police (my heart starts working again). Its from the police :),  whatever they want from me, it can’t be that bad, I haven’t robbed anybody, killed anybody, run over anybody…). I open it up and its a speeding ticket taken from an automatic camera. I paid the fine happily…


I’m sure there is as phobia for letters from the Internal Revenue Service world wide, perhaps there is a therapy group I should join. After that little experience, I realized that I prefer getting shot at, then getting letters from gov’t.


IDF Reservist-Talking to the Printer while shots are fired…

Many years ago I was stationed in one of the Palestinian refugee camps. At work I had a single project that was either not closed off or put on hold until I returned. It was a poster that was scheduled to be printed in two weeks for an exhibition a few days later. I wasn’t worried as I had already spoken to my commanders about the few days I”ll be needing to run to my office in the middle of my reserve duty to make a few final changes and send the file to the printer.


I start my reserve duty and in about two weeks as planned I leave the unit and head to my office. Mobile phones were part of our lives, but the internet was just getting started and there was no way I could send such a huge file (back then) via a modem from my desktop computer. I had received the changes in the design from the client via my fax and spent the 2 days making the changes, so far all is normal and going as expected.


End of day two I bring the file to the printer with the instructions on the printing and go home. Plan for the printing is in a few days, they will send the “hetek shemesh” (a preview) to the client for confirmation. Back to army I go, mentally ready to rejoin my unit. Two days later I get a call from my client that they have to make a change….oops.


The printer is not going to make the change, they don’t touch the files sent as it makes them responsible for the printing, Yet I could not leave my present situation and given the date of the exhibition the change has to be done immediatly so that there will be time for the printing. Its a simple change, I call the press and ask them if they would do it. And though I’ve known them for over 10 years, they politely reminded me that they can’t.


At that point in the background there was the sound of automatic weapons being fired. It seems that a molotov cocktail was thrown at our little outpost and Yossi opened up on the two guys who threw it. Soon Michael joined in, so there was a bit of background noise. I looked up at them (it was getting a bit hard to hold a conversation) and Yossi threw me a glance that I could finish on the phone, that everything was under control, it wasn’t that serious.


Well the printer with whom I was talking to, knew what gunfire sounded like and asked where I was. I mentioned the place (I knew where he was during his own service and knew he would recognize the name and what it meant). His reaction was pretty much what I expected out of an Israeli, he told me to stay safe and that he’ll take care of the change, be in touch with the client, and get the printing done in time.


I closed the phone, knowing that the printing job was in good hands, walked over to Yossi and Michael to see what all the fuss was about.  🙂


Landing Pages

landing pages designed by studio spinner israelLanding pages, these are pages where clients or potential clients are sent to learn more about us. B2B use this as a main tool for their marketing.


Sometimes its the preparation for an exhibition that you want them to go to. It could be a product launch or it simply could be “whats new” kind of thing. Below I have two of our latest, one is for an exhibition (WPW) and the other is the start of a new company and their initial landing page / website.


One of my examples involve Augmented Reality. I would expect that most people have no idea what that means. We created a landing page through an image that explains it: Realistic looking objects placed in a real world environment where the user can’t really tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t, at least thats where the technology is going.


The Start Up Nation….and working here

I’ve now been designing for over 25 years here in Israel, and I must admit to a certain pride in that I’ve succeeded  to survive as a small business. I’ve gone from freelancer to having an office of 5 and now to a virtual office. I do in fact feel a part of this Start Up Nation, I’ve worked for Raphael, Elbit, Elscint, Iscar to name some of the larger Israeli companies as well as as host of smaller ones, many that didn’t make it, others that were sold off to larger companies in the States (Correlix, Trusteer), through it all, I’ve always had the feeling that I”m doing something that is larger than myself, and that was just as important to me as making a living.


86 page catalog – digital printing – wonderful

That was “easy.” I just finished and sent to the printer an 86 page catalogue. Whats changed is digital printing. Years ago we would prepare the catalogue, send it to the printer, return with a “hetek shemesh” find mistakes, resend and the print. A catalogue with 86 pages full to technical tables (this is about drilling bits, over 300 types), will have many mistakes/changes. With digital design and printing all of the pressure is gone. I design prepare a pdf for checking, get changes and modifications and send the pdf back again. When ready, we do a color digital print (find some more things to change). Finally when really really ready, we just do more digital prints and when everyone is satisfied, it will then go the off set press. Before it does that, the colors have been confirmed, the quality of the images,  the printer has an exact example of what he has to do, there are no surprises..what a pleasure


Smaller Micro Websites

I’ve found a niche market that I really didn’t pay attention to. Smaller websites for Freelancers, new businesses, etc. Unlike the larger corporate sites or even the smaller ones, the micro sites are usually for a freelancer. Its the type of freelancer is where it gets tricky.  The professional who knows their site will change and grow in time are my target client.

The “beginner” is less so, as they can probably use WIX as the foundation with all of its limitations and be very satisfied. In fact given that it will be their first site, they probably will not even see the limitations.  Growing out of WIX to a more flexible and Google friendly environment will depend upon their success as a freelancer….when that happens then I may have an additional client.