For the Months of April / May, we’ll be offering a 10% across the board discount on all new PowerPoint projects.

Studio Spinner is an internationally-oriented visual communication firm that has been serving the global market for more than 25 years. We merge our expertise, knowledge and experience to continually deliver great projects for our clients; be it the complex development and programming of an interactive responsive website in WordPress or in creating attention-grabbing graphics for use in and exhibition, a brochure, a poster or a simple data sheet.

We have been designing since the late 1980’s, for the global market. Our graphics, presentations, animations and websites are all built on a combination of expertise, knowledge, experience and talent to create attention grabbing graphics.

English is our native language, the language of Hi-Tech, Freelancers, Start-ups throughout the world.

This website contains many graphic examples of our work over the years, so take a look and if you have any questions about your project or just curious to learn more about us, just choose a link below.